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Hollow Knight Game Play Online Free

How do you think the world of beetles looks like? Do they have their own kingdoms, legends and treasures, villains and heroes? In Hollow Knight, they do. This amazing metroidvania will invite you to explore a phantasy land of Hallownest, once a mighty insect kingdom and now just a pile of ruins. Our brave little knight sets out to uncover its secrets and fight the bad guys. Are you with him?

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Where grass used to grow

The game immediately strikes you with a cutely drawn and carefully detailed setting. The world around you looks grim and joyless. There is no green grass, no clear sky overhead. Everything is in decay, acid rains onto the ground and poisonous mushrooms grow where flowers used to bloom. What happened here? As you find out gathering information bit by bit from conversations and observations, Hallownest was struck by a mysterious infection that turned its residents into mutants. Some of them are hiding underground, the rest are going wild on the surface. This is the world you have to explore – and hopefully cure.

Never enough of exploration

The locations are diverse and marvelous. Each room is a puzzle you have to solve in order to find an exit. Your task is complicated by the fact that you have no map to tell you where to go. Of course, you can buy it from a cartographer, but it’ll still miss some important things – save benches, fast travel points and even the hero marks. So you might feel a bit clueless at first. Don’t worry, it can be fixed by equipping special amulets (we’re gonna talk about them later).

Jump, fight, get stronger

On your way, you’ll meet powerful enemies and even more furious bosses. Fighting monsters while jumping from platform to platform trying to avoid a mighty thorn suddenly falling on you from overhead and not to fall into an abyss strewn with sharp spikes requires quick reflexes. The controls are nothing to sweat over, though, so you’ll adapt fast.

Your hero has a set of basic moves, including different types of hits, dodges and jumps, plus a few special abilities. For instance, he can climb walls (he’s a beetle after all), hover in the air and even use magical powers. Your mana is charged after each successful hit – you can then use it to shoot energy balls or heal. Once the enemy is defeated, you’ll get some shell coins that can be spent on buying useful items. Shells can also be found in caches scattered chaotically around the map.

Equip some charms

Charms are an important part of the gameplay. You can find them in caches or on sale. They give you various abilities – say, healing or attacking faster, blocking a certain percentage of damage or even some extravagant powers like spawning minions to help you. However, the number of slots is limited, so you should think carefully which amulets you need most at the moment.

Hollow Knight is a thrilling, atmospheric game with stylish graphics, a bit gloomy but touching mood and a good deal of intrigue. Play it online and enjoy the adventures of a tiny beetle willing to venture into the most dangerous corners of the grim insect world!