Hollow Knight 2019

If you ever wondered what the world of insects may look like, Hollow Knight 2019 will tell you a quite amusing yet grim story. You are going to assume the role of a little beetle armed with a nail and traveling the ruined kingdom of Hallownest in search of a cure for the infection that turned most of its dwellers into mutants. On your way, you’ll meet hundreds of enemies and obstacles and your life will often hang by a thread.

The way of the miniature knight lies across a variety of locations that all look different and require you to do some thorough exploration in order to find a way out into another room. Carefully drawn mushroom forests and butterfly caves, hidden passages and ladders, caches filled with treasures, charming characters you’ll meet on your path – all this creates a peculiar atmosphere that captivates you right away.

Traveling across platforms that move, fly and trap you in a fence of spikes requires good reflexes and nice handle of the controls. However, it won’t take you long to get used to them. Combat moves are pretty easy to remember to – aside from basic hitting, dodging and jumping, you’ll also have double jump, hovering, wall climbing and magic attacks available with the use of special soul charges.

The world is open to explore and often you’ll find yourself roaming it without a clue. To avoid pointless wandering, make sure to find a map seller as soon as you enter a new location. Saving is available on special benches – if you die, you’ll have to start from the middle of the level and kill the same monsters that will respawn. Bosses are particularly tricky and it may take you a while before you figure out how to defeat one. However, the reward is going to be lavish! You’ll be able to spend the coins earned to buy useful stuff. Good luck!

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