Hollow Knight Unblocked

We’ve seen many fantasy worlds and traveled around the most unimaginable locations, but we’ve hardly descended into the realm of insects. Hollow Knight gives you a glimpse of the Hallownest kingdom – once green and friendly, know cloaked in acid and death. Struck down by a mysterious decease that turned the residents into mutants, it is now a wasteland where danger awaits at every step. Our little hero, the Hollow Knight, ventures into its most remote corners wishing to find a cure and bringing his homeland back to its happy days.

His way won’t be easy: there are multiple obstacles and dangers to overcome, hordes of enemies to beat. At first, you won’t even understand what’s happening – the game doesn’t give you any introduction, it doesn’t tell you what to do. You have to put the story together by yourself, bit by bit, and find out what’s happening by exploring the environment and talking to the characters.

As a beetle, you have certain skills allowing you to fight your opponents. You can jump high and far, including double jump, climb vertical surfaces and hover in the air. Several types of attack will also become available to you during the gameplay. With time, you’ll learn to use souls collected from defeated enemies to create an energy charge and hurl it into the attackers or refill your health. Your abilities can also be increased with amulets that can be found in caches or bought from sellers. Hollow Knight is a game that takes minutes to get thrilled with and hours to unravel. Don’t wait any further, play online right now!

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