Hollow Knight for Two

If you are looking for a platformer with a strong element of exploration and challenge, Hollow Knight is just the right game for you! This is a gloomy yet intriguing adventure in the world lacking color yet full of fascinating shimmer, offering very little knowledge of itself yet inviting you to delve deeper into its mysteries. And the more you play the more you crave to find out another little bit. But the game isn’t in a hurry to give you any clues. You have to discover everything on your own.

At first, the hero doesn’t really know anything – he runs, jumps and swings his weapon in four directions. He gets the most important abilities later: he learns to double jump, and can bounce off the walls, and fire the enemies with the souls of opponents. The skill set is almost identical to what we saw in other similar games – in this respect there are almost no surprises. But because of how cool all the locations are and how many secrets are everywhere, you’re happy to return to the old places in search of hidden collectibles or something else. You can climb a wall that previously seemed an insurmountable obstacle, or jump over a spiked platform you used to bypass. This part of game is for two players.

All these opportunities can be used in battle – to make jerks avoiding danger or jump on the walls to attack from above. Dealing damage, the hero drives off in the opposite direction, which is somewhat annoying during fights on narrow platforms. But it helps a lot during battles in the air – when hitting from above, the character continue to bludgeon his opponent without touching the ground. Clashes with bosses won’t leave the player indifferent either – all of them have different types of attacks urging you to think of different tactics to defeat them.

The content of the game is impressively immense – the overall map of the world continues to grow in size. And at a relatively early stage, you are no longer led along the beaten path and are allowed to go in almost any direction. Since this is “metroidvania”, in some areas the player will certainly expect dead ends – either you won’t be able to jump somewhere, or you won’t be allowed to go up to the top floor. But it is almost always possible to contrive and try to find a secret passage or enter the room from the other side, having found a lever or an elevator. There are a lot of other discoveries and thrills waiting for you in Hollow Knight! Play it online and perhaps you’ll be able to fill the void inside the hero!

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