For Kids

There is a new metroidvania on the horizon – a depressive yet charming beetle adventure saga called Hollow Knight! We find ourselves in the kingdom of Hallownest many years past its heyday. We see a dying world, the society is split into conflicting fractions and the heroes are long dead. There are only desolate lands and huge dungeons boding nothing but death. We control a fearless knight whose motifs remain unknown until some time and bravely set off to fight evil that threatens to swallow the remains of the civilization.

Their is but one nuance – our hero is a cute beetle fighting for and protecting same beetles as him. The setting of the game looks very much like a medieval phantasy in the insect world. Exploring various locations, searching for treasures, fighting powerful enemies and discovering new abilities will give you plenty of great time! Of course, the history of Hallownest is full of dark moments and despair, but the artistic style allows the game to keep up an entertaining tone of narration not letting the player to sink into a depression. All this is done with taste, there is no place here for excessive parody. You’re sure to fall in love with this amazing beetle world! Play Hollow Knight online and see if you can save the dying kingdom!

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