Hollow Knight is a 2D metroidvania meaning the main goal here is to roam a vast map looking for hidden passages and opportunities to access locations that were previously unavailable. The beetle kingdom located underground impresses by its size and detail and that’s what makes it different from other games of the genre.

Unique locations interact with each other according to logic, which does not open immediately – all this is due to the rich history of the kingdom, the nuances of which are never explained to you by direct text. You should put this puzzle together by yourself, peering at the local architecture and interacting with inhabitants. The design of the world alone allows you to call the game one of the best in the genre.

The battle system of Hollow Knight consists of several attack types, ability to dodge and jump, as well as climb walls and shoot at enemies with energy balls. The enemies get ever stronger and tricker and can give you quite enough trouble on last levels. You’ll have to think tactically and also equip your hero with a nice set of charms. The amulets have various effects – speeding up healing, increasing health or attack power and giving you magical abilities.

The world of Hollow Knight can be explored for hours. You can choose any route and see where it leads. Finding your way around Hallownest may seem tricky, because there is no map – you have to buy it from a cartographer. But even the map won’t clue you in on the location of caches, save points and hidden passages – they should be discovered on your own. But that’s exactly what makes the game so amazing and thrilling! Join the Hollow Knight in his online adventures and discover the secrets of the beetle kingdom!

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