Hollow Knight: Ending

Hollow Knight is a two-dimensional walker with dark graphics and great animation. Here you have to play as a little knight. As the name implies, this is a knight with emptiness inside. The game has a deep enough story and a quite unhappy one despite the cartoonish design.

The main part of the gameplay is similar to most of the nineties walkers like Super Mario. As always, you will have to show high accuracy of movements and skill of controlling the character in two-dimensional space jumping across small platforms, some of which are located above abysses. Other platforms are constantly moving – falling from them, the character loses one life, so you need to be careful. Add thorns raining on you from above and stakes protruding from below, piercing you if you fall down – and you get a quite challenging platformer.

After death, you will be reborn near the place where you died. After some time, you will be shown how to restore your lives. The case is not tricky – when the necessary amount of material is accumulated, just hold down the button and restore life. You can do that any number of times if you have enough material.

This very soul material can be knocked out of enemies. Killing them is quite simple, the main thing is not to linger. The range of your attack with a sword is large, but you need to keep your opponents close, otherwise there will be minus one life. In the future, you will encounter more sophisticated enemies possessing several types of attack, including bosses that are strong, have a lot of health and require more caution. But the very first opponents are killed simply by clicking feverishly on the attack button.

The controls are simple, just a couple of buttons in addition to the standard WASD to move. The game expands its functionality as you progress, without loading you at once with all the subtleties of the controls. At the very start, only two actions will be available to you – jump and kick.

With blows you will hit obstacles and enemies. You can also cut caches to receive a bunch of shells that can be used to buy various stuff – for instance, for 1800 pieces you can acquire a flashlight. Sometimes you’ll come across blue domes surrounded by butterflies – blowing them up will grant you up to 3-4 extra lives.

By the way, you will meet a lot of different characters. The world is big and you are not limited in movement, you can go back and forth completely freely. Start exploring it online together with the Hollow Knight!

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