Hollow Knight Path of Pain

Hollow Knight invites you on a journey through a ruined kingdom of Hallownest inhabited with beetles that survived some sort of infection. This world is dark and depressive – some of the residents got infected deliberately to gain special powers, others mutated on their own. Some have fled underground, others are raging on the surface wrecking havoc on the remnants of the once flourishing land. Even the most peaceful-looking location is full of dangers – you’ll encounter hundreds of various opponents, sooner or later reviving in their former places. Enemies, NPCs and the environment seem to be drawn by hand, and the zones are visually very different from each other. One is covered with mushrooms, from which you can bounce off by hitting them with a nail, another is a rainy city, and the third one, deceivingly lush with vegetation, hosts toxic acid eating away at all living creatures. This gloom is hypnotizing, it pulls you into the atmosphere of the game from the very first minutes in Hollow Knight Path of Pain.

Every location hosts its own secrets for you to reveal. You can never know what you are going to find there. Some will make you rake your brain figuring out how to get to the next level. Sometimes you’re going to hit a dead end, but most of the times there is a secret passage or ladder that will guide you further. The world of Hollow Knight uncovers its mysteries bit by bit. You won’t even understand what is happening, why everything is so murky and what the creatures you encounter are until you delve deeper into the distant corners of Hallownest. Because of how far-reaching this world is and how many secrets it carries, the game can be played in different ways, and the “correct” ending can be seen only a few dozen hours later. But the time you’ll spent playing Hollow Knight online surely won’t be a waste!

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