Hollow Knight for PC

Hollow Knight is just the kind of game that can absorb you for dozens of hours. Beautiful, atmospheric and intriguing – its graphics and setting is breathtaking. The game tells the story of a tiny beetle knight who arrived at the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest to put an end to a deadly plague raging there. But before he can do that, he’ll have to pass through a great number of locations, strike down powerful bosses and acquire new abilities.

The story is ‘served’ in the spirit of Dark Souls. You can find it out from dialogues and item descriptions. The game doesn’t tell you about the events directly and leaves space for imagination. So the player’s attention focuses on exploration and gameplay. Our little knight can jump and strike with his nail that replaces a sword here. He uses these skills to move over the world consisting of blocks and kill his enemies. Every successful hit replenishes his soul charge allowing him to heal and use various magical abilities that you will unlock with time.

With this arsenal, you have to move along tricky mazes and search a passage to the boss relying purely on your own observations, memory and luck. Defeating the boss opens a door to another location. The problem is you never know where to go. You have to visit some rooms several times to check all the exits. And every time you’ll need to kill the same enemies that keep respawning.

Moreover, you won’t even have any idea how the location looks because first you need to buy a map and that means finding a cartographer. To mark the places you already visited, you need to buy a feather. And to know where you are on the map, you need to equip a certain amulet that will occupy one of the slots. All that makes Hollow Knight not an easy, but highly captivating game.

The process is further complicated by the fact that, instead of saving at the start of each block, the hero can only save on special benches located all over the world. When you’re killed, you may lose all your money and will have to defeat your own shadow. So if you aren’t afraid of challenge, play Hollow Knight online and see how far you can get!

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