Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

The genre of metroidvania has been popular lately and Hollow Knight is one of its most thrilling and mysterious representatives. This sullen game sends you on a trip through an infection-struck beetle kingdom. Once a thriving green world, it has gone eerie and desolate, with fluorescent mushrooms growing among the city ruins and acid rains melting the grassless ground. Your hero is off for a dangerous adventure that will put him up against mortal enemies and environmental threats.

Prepare to explore mysterious mazes, jump across various types of platforms and fight enemies with diverse attacks. The game doesn’t guide you through the world and doesn’t hint you where to go, so there is a risk of roaming into some wilderness and getting stuck there for a long time. If you are lucky to find a cartographer, he will sell you a map of the location. There is a catch though: the map only shows rooms, there are no save points and even no hero mark – it should be secured by equipping a special amulet.

Your hero has a few basic skills – hitting, dodging and jumping – but later you can expand them by adding double jump, shell firing and wall climbing. Each successful hit will charge your soul meter that can be used to restore health and use special attacks. The monsters respawn, so if you return to the same location, you’ll have to fight the same enemies once again. Good thing – you’ll already know how to do it.

The game has an economic system: you can get coins from defeated enemies, discover them in caches or receive for valuable findings. They can be used to buy pieces of hitpoints, amulets, keys, a flashlight, various map markers and other useful stuff. Accessing a store or getting your beetle parked, as well as sharpening your weapon in a forge, also costs money. You will lose all the coins if you die, but you can get it back by defeating your shadow left on the battle spot. There is much more to find out about Hollow Knight. And the best way to do it is to play the game online!

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